Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pinus contorta contorta - Shore Pine

Pinus contorta contorta: Pinus is the Latin name for P. pinea; contorta or 'twisted,' referring to the species' twisted needles.

See also: Pinus contorta murrayana or Lodgepole Pine.

This subspecies is native to the Coast Ranges and coastal meadows from Mendocino County, California to Alaska.

Moderate growth rate to 35' tall and wide. Irregular, dense, often rounded or pyramidal crown with many-forked, short branches often extending to the ground. P. contorta contorta is shorter than P. contorta murrayana.

Shiny dark green needles 1.25-2" long, 2 per fascicle, often twisted.

Female cones are light tan, ovate 2" long. Cones are variably serotinous -- need fire to open.

Orange-red pollen cones 5-15mm long.

Scaly dark brown bark becomes furrorwed with age.

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