Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus: Pinus is the Latin name for pine; strobus is Latin for pine cone.

Native to the north-eastern U.S. from Georgia and Iowa to Illinois and in Canada from Newfoundland to Manitoba.

Growth rate slow, becoming faster to 50-80' tall and 20-40' wide, dense, straight-branched, and conical in youth, broadening with age to a more open, picturesque form with irregularly drooping branches.

Needles are soft, bluish green, 3-5" long, 5-fascicled, twisted, with minute teeth on all sides, whorled completely around branchlets, persisting 3-4 years.

Cones are reddish brown, 3-8" long, slender, long-stalked, with light-tipped scale ends and no spines.

Bark is thin, smooth and light gray, thickening and darkening to grayish brown with rectangular scaly plates.

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